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Campbell Conservation is delighted to have the opportunity to quote for you.

Please note that the terms below apply to all services provided by Campbell Conservation.

Services will be provided on the basis of an estimate supplied to the customer in writing. Additional issues may be discovered when treatment begins. If this involves extra costs  work, will halt and the client informed. Work will not progress on the object until the estimate has  been agreed to by the customer in writing by signing the proposed  treatment and estimate and returning to Campbell Conservation unless otherwise  agreed to by both parties. Estimates are valid for a period of ninety days after which these could be revised by Campbell Conservation.

Whilst every effort is made to keep within the agreed time frame it is not guaranteed to  be
completed by this date. All treatments are undertaken at the highest level and can sometimes be a
slow process.

 Please note Campbell Conservation is GST registered. Payment is appreciated on completion of the
provision of services,  or with prior approval by Campbell Conservation, is to be made no later than
the 20th of the month following the month in which the service is performed. Campbell Conservation
reserves the right to charge interest for amount paid after that date at a rate of 12% per annum.

Standard of Care:
Campbell Conservation will use all reasonable and proper care and skill in provide services to you

Your Insurance
 You are responsible for ensuring your art works are properly insured and  that by  accepting these terms of engagement nothing in such insurance is invalidated or  otherwise adversely affected. We do not provide insurance for the object or the treatment. Objects under examination or treatment are at your sole risk at all times. In agreeing to the treatment or examination of the object, you waive and release any and all claims which may arise  for damage to or loss of or related to such objects, however occasioned, and whether or not due to  our negligence or default.

Campbell Conservation’s Insurance
 Campbell Conservation will carry professional indemnity coverage from a reputable insurer which will
provide for the activities of Campbell Conservation in the event of a claim on insurance following a
claim by you. 

Limitation of liability:                        
Campbell Conservation’s liability in respect of damage to an art work or other property, or
 in relation to any other matter relating to the provision of services to you (whether in contract,
negligence, tort or any other basis) is at  your sole risk at all times. In agreeing to the treatment or
examination of the object, you waive and release any and all claims which may be for damage to or loss of or
related to such object however occasioned, and whether or not due to our negligence or default.
 Campbell Conservation has no liability in any manner or to any extent, in relation to the delivery or
other transportation of art work and the conservation treatments of your artwork.

Campbell Conservation will use all commercially reasonably efforts to resolve disputes with you in
respect of its provision of services by discussion and agreement.  Campbell conservation and you
agree that any disputes that cannot be resolved in that manner will be resolved by arbitration rather
than reference to the courts. NZ law governs our arrangements.            

 Campbell Conservation Ltd will retain the copyright in any report that we prepare and of any photographs we take of the object.




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"Lynn, The Miro arrived and looks wonderful.  It was very well packed and you did a lovely job restoring it.
Thank you very much. Leslie "
"Hi Lynn,I am very excited to being getting my art back and do appreciate the care you have taken.
Many thanks. Carolyn"




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